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Hi to all! We collected some of your questions about Coco-n brand and now could give answers. It’s a short text but your new questions could make it fullest) So let’s start!

- What does the name stand for? With what vision did you start?
Choosing brand’s name we were thinking about two things. First of all is a cocoon, capsule – meaning unique comfort and exclusive care and protection for mother and child, and the second image is amazing Coco Chanel, her style in life and fashion.

- I'm interesting, who is Coco-n's designer?
Design of our wraps is an all our family’s work, it’s a creation of all of us. But also two professional designers work for our brand.

- Is result of blends mix random or calculated?
Sometimes result may be random, sometimes no :) Usually we calculate and target to result, but one day we can get a surprise too – life must have place to wonder.

- How to know what new hard wrap will be broken and soft?
You can ask us, really :)

- Who is the founder? I am interested in the story behind the wrap.
Story behind the wraps is a story of love, it’s a story of our family. Founders of brand are members of one family – my husband Dmitry, my son Oleg and me, Amata Chleck. We live in Krasnodar, it’s a South of Russia.

- Is there something that only Coco-N has/does, what make you unique and different than other brands?
Elegance for connoisseurs – is it unique? :) Ok, unique elegance!

- Where are the wraps manufactured?
All wraps are produced in Russia, using english looms for jacguard weaving. We works only with highly recommended providers of yarn, having all quality certificates.

- Where do the yarns come from?
We work with providers all over the world – from Asia and Europe, from Japan and USA. We choose yarn carefully and taste it’s quality.

- Especially talking about silk or wool, any ethical animal friendly code following? 
Yes of cause, we care about it. We try to use mulberry silk a little, using mostly tussah and bourette or alternative quality threads. For some wraps we use mulberry silk as monoblend - we are sorry about it.

- Is there any specific source of inspiration for patterns?
Yes. Our spirits :)

Coco-N is quality, variety of blends, unique patterns and incredible comfort babywearing - we chose the best of the best.

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