Mademoiselle with tsumugi silk, sea island cotton and egyptian long-stapled cotton
The wrap is really thick and you should give this to Mademoiselle enough time for breaking in. But it's also soft and has a luxurious glow on its brown side. And it's grippy. And if you suddenly need to carry your husband or all your family, it will work :)
Actually, they are beautiful, this is the chains and it's colorway, blend and support.
Color earth and forests, the color of copper and emeralds.
And this Mademoiselle has a sleepy dust for LO.
Invoices will send to lucky buyers to PayPal account.
You will have 12 hours for payment.
Delivery without customs fees.
Thank you for your participation and have a fashionable babywearing!


  • 35% tsumugi silk, 35% sea island cotton, 30% ELS cotton.


About 300 g/m2


Coco-N Mademoiselle Harmony


    Quality, variety of blends, unique patterns and incredible comfort babywearing - we chose the best of the best.

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