When I see this wrap, I remember one story. About a boy who traveled with geese. And about the old smart goose Akka. And her name was Akka from the mountain Kebnekaise.
Did you know that in Lapland there are two mountains)
Kebnekaise and Akka. And they look like a wise goose and our Scandinavia. That is why we called it Kebnekaise.
Blue ice of the sky and the glacier, gray granite rocks.
And as hiking trails keep travelers on this mountain, Scandinavia Kebnekaise will keep the kid and his parents!
We have only three to wrap. but we can make any size for you)


  •  35% bourette silk, 35% Egyptian long staple cotton, 25% organic cotton, 5% cashmere.


310  g/m²


Scandinavia Kebnekaise


    Quality, variety of blends, unique patterns and incredible comfort babywearing - we chose the best of the best.

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